AAP Details:

Our Best Practices

1. Individual attention and oral testing

Individual attention and oral testing is a best practice in our institution all the facilities of modern education are also available. One particular attention is given to each as oral testing process is taken with admission process. With admission system students are asked for their qualification and academic record with his past education and his past performance. Faculties make to satisfaction with their performance and check and oral testing of all schedules. Oral testing is just like an interview and interpretation of the students. Each student participates in this process. All the faculty members know about him and students get the knowledge of our institutional rules and teaching process with go to discipline system. Students acquire whole knowledge about institution and faculties get knowledge about trainees. It is just like psychological analysis of the students and teachers are aware about trainees and student’s responsibility is distributed to all. Social status, belonging status and his role in society or in education is orally asked. In future responsibility skill development process knowledge is given to all the trainees.

2. Motivation by teaching aids

Motivation is given to student by film projector as their teaching aids. A group of students is taught in best practice with all the teaching aids which are used in teaching learning process as to establish more firm vision of education in their mental attitude. Chart & modals, video clips are used in groups to motivate and explain more emphatically to learn the teaching learning process. So it is used as to motivate to all and cooperate both faculties and students to each other in teaching learning process. Teaching aids are not only helpful to trainees but also has an important role in their educational life for explanatory skill in future and create good personality as teacher in primary, secondary and in higher education. Motivations are also forth coming steps in new education policy with educational technology. Our institution has part play and follow of motivation by teaching aids which are innovated in educational technology.

Govern By: Veena Memorial SSEEWA Society, Karauli